Thursday, December 15, 2016

Viking River Cruise... who me? Episode 2

An Authentic Austrian Dinner

This was the appetizers we found on our tables at dinner last night.  I was so happy to see local meats and cheeses that I forget to take photos of the rest of the meal... ha!

Last night we had an authentic Austria dinner!  It featured all the typical food and drinks you’d find in a place like the Augustiner or Steigl Braüstube in Salzburg.  The chef and his crew along with the entire ship’s staff did a fantastic job providing a taste of Austria.  In my last post, I was longing for this type of dining experience and I am happy to say the chef delivered.

Vineyards in Dürnstein

Sleepy morning streets in Dürnstein

Dürnstein castle and Abbey

Cruising the Wachau river valley

Yesterday’s cruise included the Wachau Valley Gorge, a designated UNESCO Heritage destination, between Dürnstein and Melk.  The river twists and turns through a scenic valley loaded with charming towns and endless vineyards all watched over by once stately (but now crumbling) medieval castles. The views we had from the river were fantastic! 

We enjoyed an early morning stop in the little village of Dürnstein.  In fact, I think we docked here very late the previous evening as we slept through the night.  Because there were two cruise ships in town at 8:00 a.m., many of the shops were open for business and ready to sell to the 400 or so cruisers.  However, Charlotte and I had a pleasant walk around town encountering relatively few boat people.  I suspect most were sleeping in.

David & Charlotte at Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey
We finished up our day with a visit to Melk Abbey.  Just like on my coach tours, we received a private guided tour of the museum, library and church buildings.  Perhaps the best part of the evening was our stroll through town and the countryside on our way back to the boat. 

That’s my thoughts for today. I welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions as well.


Wrapping up this episode

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